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McHugh's RoadTrip & RoadTrip Explorer are our limited edition craft beer releases brewed in collaboration with some of our favourite Irish breweries like Kinnegar, Hope & more! Since it's launch in 2015, there have been five releases in the main RoadTrip series incl. an American Pale Ale which eventually became Kinnegar's Crossroads!

We've had four RoadTrip Explorer releases since it's launch in late 2020. This series of ultra small batch experimental brews has incl. a Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout & Raspberry Gose. 

These beers don't stick around for long, so keep your eyes peeled for any new releases - they're guaranteed to be something special! 

RoadTrip Explorer 1: Hot Xocolat Stout 440ml
The first release of our small batch collaboration with our friends in Hope - RoadTrip Explorer #1 takes inspiration from one of our favourite winter brews from across the pond. Based around a spicy Mexican hot chocolate recipe, this warming seasonal stout is ramped up by adding cocoa, coffee, vanil..
Ex Tax:€4.99
RoadTrip Explorer 2: Raspberry Gose 440ml
At McHugh's, we love nothing more than exploring the vast world of beer styles. So much so that we've created RoadTrip Explorer; a series of limited, small batch beers exploring differing styles, brewing techniques and interesting ingredients. Explorer #2 is a delicious take on the German Gose ..
Ex Tax:€3.99
RoadTrip Explorer 3: Spiced Belgian Dubbel 440ml
Limited Edition Only €3 Discontinued
Our latest collaboration with our friends in Hope is here! RoadTrip Explorer 3 is a Belgian Dubbel, a rich malty beer with lots of warm & fruity flavours of caramel, raisins & prunes. We've added some cinnamon for an extra festive kick. Dubbel combines the warmth of wine & the freshness ..
Ex Tax:€3.00
RoadTrip Explorer 4: West Coast IPA 440ml
Our latest collaboration with our friends in Hope is here! RoadTrip Explorer 4 is an ode to the early days of craft beer & how IPA's used to be, bitter, strong & hoppy! Bold caramel & cracker like malt notes are balanced by the tangy grapefruit, pine & spicy citrus. Full flavoured cl..
Ex Tax:€4.99
RoadTrip Explorer 5: Thiol DIPA 440ml
Limited Edition Discontinued
RoadTrip Explorer 5 is here! This Thiol Double IPA is a collaboration with our friends at Larkins. For this beer we really pushed out the experimental boat. Thiols are highly Impactful flavour compounds that evoke grapefruit, passion fruit and guava. Trapped in abundance in hops, we are using an exp..
Ex Tax:€4.99
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