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Sparkling Wine

Fresh and smooth on the palate, with very fine bubbles that perfectly complement the wine's complexity. An elegant, serious finish, long and dry, bringing out the essential flavour of the cava...
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All those who adore Champagne´s classic fresh brown bread-scented yeasty flavours will love this classy Cava; rich, full complex and toasty. Pale yellow colour. Fresh aroma and fruity and fresh on the palate with fine, pleasant bubbles that perfectly complement the wine's structure...
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Special Cuvée is perfect shared among friends, for a simple and meaningful moment. It is the champagne we give to the people we love and who love nice things. To enhance its unique style, bouquet and aromas, Special Cuvée is best served between 10 and 12°C...
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With its intimate and unusual flavours, Bollinger Rosé can be served for afternoon tea, Bollinger-style. It is also perfect for a picnic on a summer afternoon, as a pre-dinner drink or served with a fruity and tart dessert. To fully appreciate its unique style, bouquet and aromas, Bollinger Rosé is ..
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Medium lemon with reminiscence of hay and golden reflects. Green apple and citric aromas with some dried fruits and a touch of fennel. Very elegant on the palate with a characteristic freshness, light and quite seductive...
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An excellent medium-dry alcohol free sparkling wine, suitable for festive occasions. Contains around 22,4 calories per 100ml glass and under 0,5% alcohol by volume...
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Clear and shiny ruby red in colour. On the nose, subtle aromas of red and black fruits (raspberry and blackcurrant) with notes of spices. A medium-body, with notes of red fruits and liquorice, with a fresh and soft finish..
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Dom Pérignon is vintage champagne only. Each vintage is a creation, singular and unique, that expresses both the character of the year, and the character of Dom Pérignon. After at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, the wine embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, the Plénitude of..
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Freixenet Legero Sparkling Alcoholic Free 750ml
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Alcohol free delightful sparkling grape drink. Made entirely from locally grown moscato grapes...
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Refreshing, fizzy and frivolous: completely uncomplicated, the alcohol-free Fritz Muller offers light-footed fun and fruity enjoyment. Vinified from the same grapes as the Fritz Mller semi-sparkling wine, this version entices sipping one or two glasses more without regret the next day...
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A crisp and lively dry Italian sparkling with fresh floral aromas and zingy lemon, grapefruit, pear and green apple flavours...
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Satin pale yellow with golden nuances and jade highlights. Fine bubbles herald a fresh and fairly rich Champagne. Flowery scents of honeyed, honeysuckle petals, fruit aromas of crushed pear, candied lemon and peach, and soft, creamy notes with biscuit and fresh bread crust unfurl on first pour...
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Appearance: pale straw yellow, with a very fine perlage and a lively mousseNose: a pronounced aroma of candied fruitTaste: clean and moderately aromatic thanks to its natural residual sugar Ideal with fish dishes, fresh fruit and pastries. 11% abv...
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The alcohol removal occurs in a very careful way in a vacuum (a space with no air inside) and is definitely gentler than any other extraction method. The method allows a very gentle extraction by temperature considerably below 30° Celsius so that the thermal damage cannot occur. The wine is warmed u..
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This effusively fruity, light-bodied offering offers terrific floral notes, persistent effervescence, and a clean, delicate finish. It is an ideal aperitif to enjoy over the next year. It is an amazing Prosecco...
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This delicious light pink colored sparkler displays fine bubbles loaded with aromas and flavors of sweet cherries and fresh picked strawberries. It is light to medium bodied, lively, fresh and explosively fruity. WOW! This is a great crowd pleaser...
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Cristal is a remarkably balanced and refined champagne whose length is inimitable. It has a silky texture and fruity aromas, complemented by a powerful mineral quality with white fruit and citrus notes. Cristal is a wine that keeps well: it can be conserved for over twenty years without losing its f..
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