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Strong Ale

A complex wild and funky Barrel Aged Rye Ale. Aged in Italian Amarone medium plus american oak barrels for 18 months. A bright funky brett aroma with a depth of dark juicy hedgerow ripe fruits / woody vanilla / rich dry finish..
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Bunratty Meade is a traditional wine, produced from an ancient Irish recipe of pure honey, fruit of the vine and natural herbs. It's a medium sweet wine, with a wide taste appeal, and suitable for all important occasions. As the drink of the ancient Celts, Mead derives much of its appeal through Iri..
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Firestone Walker Gin Rickey 355ml
Limited Edition
Firestone Walker Gin Rickey is a blonde barley wine matured in gin barrels for 18 months with additions of freshly zested lime peel, mace, coriander and juniper berries...
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Firestone Walker x O' Haras Fiáin Honey Ale 500ml
Limited Edition
Fiáin Honey Ale, a collab with Firestone Walker as part of their Barrelworks series. O' Hara's Irish Red Ale was refermented in a French oak foeder with Brettanomyces. Finished with the addition of fresh thyme & bottle conditioned with local, Californian wildflower honey...
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Lervig Paragon 2019 330ml
Limited Edition
Lervig Paragon 2019 is a barley wine ale that has been aged in bourbon barrels for over a year. After the sweet punch right away subsides you will get flavours such as Dried figs, raisins, and vanilla. Then the malt gives Paragon it’s caramel, toffee, and chocolate flavours that rounds out with mild..
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Sierra Nevada Trip In The Woods Visions of Sugarplums is a Belgian-inspired blend of Dubbel, Quad, and a splash of Bigfoot Barleywine-Style Ale— aged in spent red wine, brandy and bourbon casks..
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Wicklow Wolf Locavore Spring 2022 375ml
Limited Edition
Locavore Spring 2022 is a Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale aged for 36 months in Chianti Red Wine barrels on our hop farm. The result? A wild, sour farmhouse ale that champions the wild yeasts of the Wicklow Wolf Hop Farm and the Wicklow terroir...
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Hitachino Nest Red Rice 330ml
Out Of Stock
Hitachino Nest Red Rice is a sake beer that uses traditional red rice (red yeast rice) for brewing. Enjoy the rose-pink color and fruity aroma...
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Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn 2023 440ml
Out Of Stock
Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn 2023 is a beer that champions Wicklow terroir. A Barrel Aged Irish Barleywine aged in ex Bourbon, Fercullen 21 year old Single Malt Whiskey Barrels for 12 months and brewed using our own barley. A complex, full bodied, uncompromising barleywine that pours a viscous mahog..
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