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Ricard Pastis 70cl

Picture of Ricard Pastis 70cl

Commercial Description: For the connoisseur, Ricard, the pastis of Marseille , can be recognized immediately because of its incomparable taste. A light, natural, refreshing beverage, Ricard is both unique and multi-faceted. What makes it unique is the timeless quality of the recipe, which has been kept secret since it was formulated by Paul Ricard in 1932. And it is multi-faceted because of the variety of natural ingredients it contains: a subtle blend of star anise from China, licorice from the Mediterranean, and aromatic herbs from Provence. Those ingredients, which Ricard specialists collect from the furthest frontiers of the Orient, underscore the care that goes into producing Ricard and guarantee the quality of its taste. 45% abv.

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