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Nardini Bianca Grappa 70cl

Picture of Nardini Bianca Grappa 70cl

Commercial Description: Far and away Italy's best-selling premium grappa, Nardini Bianca remains unchallenged as the connoisseur's benchmark. Authentically high in strength, 'Bianca' fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - largely thanks to its fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with its remarkably gentle follow-through. It's not hard to appreciate why this grappa continues to be valued for its digestive capabilities as well as its excellent flavour. Scored a coveted 'Silver' in the 2006 International Wine & Spirit Competition. Nose: Initial hint of raclette, jasmine tea, dried lemon zest, lemon meringue, rounded and fruity with acacia honey notes. Palate: smooth, mellow, opening up with jasmine tea, cinnamon, lemon zest, acacia honey and gingerbread, nicely layered with fresh jasmine tea coming back to the fore. Finish: jasmine tea and lemon meringue, with hints of gingerbread and lemon curd. 50% abv.


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