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Guinness West Indies Porter 50cl

Picture of Guinness West Indies Porter 50cl

Commercial Description: At Guinness we believe that some of the finest exploits begin with beer — and some of the finest beers begin with exploits. In 1801, Guinness brewers took on the challenge of creating a porter that could keep its quality in a ship’s hold during a 4-5 week voyage into tropical climes. The idea was a beer with higher hops and more gravity that was as drinkable as the Guinness town porter favored in Dublin pubs. Not only did the new porter survive the journey, but it turned out to be a remarkable beer in its own right. Based on that 1801 export recipe, this is an immensely flavourful porter — complex yet mellow, hoppy with notes of toffee and chocolate. It’s a close kin to the porter enjoyed by swashbuckling traders, sea captains and businessmen testing their mettle in the Caribbean of the 1800s. 6% abv.

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