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Hello and welcome!- 19 March 2013

Hello and welcome to our new website. We apologise for the length of time that our site has been "under construction" but it's great to have it up & running now. Initially on our site, we are featuring a sample of our product range for you to view or buy. If you want to enquire about a product that is not featured, please contact us.

For those that do not already know us, we have been in the Independent Specialist Off-Licence business since 1995 with 2 shops in Dublin. Our mission is to bring to our customers the best range of quality wines, beers & spirits backed up by excellent product knowledge. To this end, we have taken a keen interest in "studying" all of the beverages that we purvey! 

We pride ourselves in having one of the best selections of craft beer in Ireland. In-store we have over 800 beers. Online, we have started with over 300. We will add to this as we go along. We have focused on the newest and/or the most interesting beers from our broader range. In wine, as well as carrying most of the familiar brands, we import a lot of our wines directly from the vineyards. This cuts out the middleman and helps us to offer you excellent wines at excellent prices. These are the wines that we have focused on online. In spirits, we focus here on the more exclusive and hard-to-find bottles in our range. Again, if you want to enquire about a product that is not featured, please contact us.

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