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Thomas Henry Soda Water 200ml

Thomas Henry Soda Water 200ml
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Thomas Henry Soda Water 200ml
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Product Description

Creating something that seems simply perfect is anything but simple! This is particularly true for soda water. It needs to retain its fizz for a long time, even once the bottle has been opened. With our Soda Water this is ensured through perfect carbonisation. At the same time, our Soda Water has a pleasant, quite mild, salty minerality that complements, but never overwhelms the flavour and character of those spirits it gets paired with. Developed by bartenders for bartenders – and for all other drink enthusiasts as well!

Mixed with vodka and some lime, it creates the popular Vodka Soda. But with Campari, whiskey, or rum you can also mix well-known long drinks like Rum Soda, Whiskey Soda or Campari Soda. To variety, cheers!

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