National Off-Licence

Due to higher volumes, the current lead time for orders is 5 days. We apologise for any invonvenience.

Party Service

We have many years of experience of catering for weddings, parties and events.

We have a huge range of wines, beers, spirits and liqueurs from which to choose. We will advise you on issues such as what drinks you may need and how much red or white wine to allow per person.

We offer sale or return on all drinks purchased. This means that you can return any unopened drinks for a full refund. It is always difficult to guess how many people are going to drink red wine or white wine; beer or spirits. So, with ‘sale or return’, you can make sure you have enough to cover all eventualities, and then simply return what you do not use.

Free glass hire. Few of us have enough glasses to cater for a party. We have plenty – wine glasses, champagne flutes, slim-jims, pint glasses and half-pint glasses. These are available to hire for free if you buy your beverages from us. A refundable deposit will be required.

We will supply your ice requirements. We always have ice in stock. We can arrange ice troughs in which to keep your white wine and beer cold. For large quantities or special requests, e.g. crushed ice or ice sculptures, give us a couple of days notice.

We can arrange an experienced bar person to serve your drinks. This will take the pressure off the hosts and allow you to meet and greet and enjoy yourself. 

Download our handy PARTY SERVICE ORDER FORM here. You can scan & email or fax this to us or simply use it as a helpful guide in organising your party.